Today’s Simplicity

Just a tight jeans worn over a simple turtleneck with a pair of heels.
I pinned my hair up so it would make you think about a long bobline. This is perfectly fitting in the picture with the high waist jeans and gives it a more 50’s kind of style. Red lipstick and nails, a simple mascara and a eyeliner for the finisching touch.

How I pinned-up my hair…
This will only work if your hair is not to long or to short and has some layers.
I didn’t wash my hair for a few days which is better for the hair and gives it a natural shine. Also it gets a bit more of the messy hair look.
You need: Some simple hair pins that are fitting with the color of your own hair.

1: Grap your hair in a low lose ponytale and shake it a little so the shorter locks of your hair will get loose.

2: Throw your head forward and fold the part you’re still holding of the tail under your hair so you can pin it there.

3: You can sit upright and give your hair a bit more volume and make ik more messy with your hands.

Ready to go!

Pictures by: Jelmer Steenhuis
Turtleneck sweater: Anna Scott
White jeans: American Apparel

Suede heels: Kennel en Schmenger