It’s all About Hair

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I finally have all my belongings in my new apartement. My floor is almost done and there is and was a lot of paint I work to do, but I took a feI w days off. I thought it was time for a mini-me make over.
Yesterday I went to the hairdresser, and not just anyone, he is a real hair magician. He’s the only one I trust with my curls. He works with a special curl cut system which is called Curlsys and is designed by Brian Mc Lean. It works very different in opposite off cutting straight hair. It makes curls look healthier, gives you less fuzzy hair and gives wavy hair or straight hair more volume. It costs a bit more than you would pay for you’re haircut at most other salons, since I go just a few times a year it is payable. To me the result is worth every penny.Over the years I was trying a whole lot of different hair styles. There was a time I was straightening my hair every day, because I didn’t want to have curls. After a time my hair was getting worse and having a lot of splitted hair ends. Then I knew that it was not very healthy for my hair, so I stopped straightening it. I just let my curls be.Before I didn’t have the right haircut and what I had, I ruined with my straightener. The result was that it became very fuzzy which made me try something else. The next thing I tried was to brush my hair backwards. It resulted in a lot of wild curls which was my style at that moment.Now I prefer the look of healty, beautiful, natural hair and since I go to this hairdresser I see my hair getting healthier and better styled by every time I go. Next to working with the curl system he also uses products that are working for me and are meant to enhance the health of the hair even further. He knows a lot more about hair and curls than any other hairdresser I ever met. He has a lot of tips and tricks to take care of you’re hair.This is how I came home. Look what he did with just my natural curls.
The result is very good, like always! Don’t you think so?You can find him here:
De Stadskapperij
Friesestraatweg 47
9718NB, Groningen
050 311 76 95

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