Something Old, Something New


I keep catching myself at picking light colors over darker ones. I discovered this combination after going through my wardrobe and combining older pieces with some new additions. It gives me a bit of a spring or summer feeling, but it´s warm enough for the rainy days. I broke the doctors image of wearing the coat and white jeans together (which also can be a great look), by adding something grey and a flowery scarf. I think this color composition of white, grey and pink is very beautiful. What do you think of a color composition like this?

For this post. I worked with a different photographer for once. I thought it would be interesting to do so and was curious of the results. This was my first shoot with someone else. To me it was very exciting. Surprisingly, working with the photographer felt very natural. Thank you Jor Pep for the beautiful pictures. You can find more of his work here.

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