Florals That Pop

DSC_0019Floral crowns are not suitable for every oppertunity because it always will be an eyecatcher.

I recommend to wear one with a plain outfit that has a touch of boho in it. A big statement crown for festivals, a small white crown for a wedding or a colorful variation for a night out.

I didn’t know what to think when I first saw a flower crown. It was in the video “Born to die” from Lana Del Rey. Because of her peculiar bearing and the shocking element in that videoclip I didn’t like it at all. My younger brother kept on turning on her music and after a while the crown intrigued me.

Loving the 3d flower trend and so I decided to make my own floral crown, fitting for my festival outfit. I decided to make one with a lot of happy spring/summer colors.
Things you need:
– I used high quality imitation flowers that I bought in a garden centre.
– 5 mm thick iron decoration wire that you can buy in a hobby shop.
– 1 mm tick iron wire
– 2 different kinds of ribbons from a fabric store.
– Some transparent beads and thread for the finiching touch
– a hobby plier that has a part that can cut and a round part to bend small eyes
Untitled-5 (2)
Follow the easy steps in my photo collage;
1-3 The iron wire:
Sidenote: Bend the 5mm tick iron wire around your head to get the right form and length before cutting.
4-6 the flowers:
Sidenote:When you cut all the flowers from their stalks leave enough to wrap around the 1mm tick iron wire
7-13 Placing the flowers:
sidenote: Before you start assembling the flowers onto the wire, decide how you want that the crown looks like so you can subdivide the flowers on color and size beforehand.
14-15 Finishing off:
Use the small ribbon to perfect the crown and for more solidity. Wrap all the iron and stalks under and inbetween the flowers with the ribbon.
16 Final:
Fix the wide ribbon on the ends of the crown so you can knot it on the backside when wearing the crown.

Tip: Use some sliding pins to fix the crown in your hair for comfotable wearing.
This is the result.
I hope you like it. Have fun with making your own!
DSC_0032 DSC_0021 DSC_0020
Flowers: Mica Decorations // Here

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