Pin it Up

pictures by: Jelmer Steenhuis
My own made bikini.
I made this one a year ago. Reason I made it is that I’ve wanted a fifties style bikini for a very long time, but couldn’t find anything that I liked or that was fitting well.
I’m so happy with this one. It fits so good. It’s just me!
I always wear jewelry with my bikini. Since I don’t want to lose something precious, I always have a pair of cheap earrings to wear with my bikini. So in case of losing them its not a big deal. To lessen the chance that I lose my earrings. I placed al little peace of rubber on the back of the hook-formed pin. The rubber is almost always on the back of a cheap pair of earrings. The earrings are fitted with these rubber bands to stay on the pricetag.Moste people just throw them away, but I think they are very usefull.
This is how I made the bikini:
For the top, I used a bra from Hunkemöller. I sewed elastic shoulder straps on the bra so I was sure I woudn’t lose any of the straps by swimming and I’d would hold everything up.
For the bottom, I bought a fabric that is especialy made for swimsuits.
I started with making a simple pencil skirt out of it. Then I wrinkled it up and sewed it with needle and threat on both sides and on the middle of the back untill it was a short skirt. Inside that skirt I fixed the crotch of a old bikini pants.
For a beautiful and glamorous finishing touch, I sewed some shiny stones onto the bikini.
One of the things that I wasn’t sure about was if the bra would keep it’s color. Another thing was that I was worried about was if it would keep it’s proper form. To my surprise the bra stays beautifully black and keeps its’s form.
Bikini: HunkemöllerDIY 

Earrings: Six

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