Those Snowy Days


When I started to get together this look I’d pictured it with my ankle boots. When doing the shoot I put on my moonboots afterwards. That got me thinking that I should keep it real. I love to wear this look with my ankle boots but sometimes, like this day, it’s just unpractical and too cold in the snow. Here in the Netherlands we only see snow for a couple of days each year. Mostly this happens on windy days when the snow is wet and muddy. On these days I don’t want to ruin my shoes with the muddy and salty snow. Furthermore I can’t stand having cold feet! So when the weather is like this you will see me wearing my beloved snow boots. To me these are like the Uggs were for many others when they were still a hype years ago. I never liked the Uggs myself, but if it’s up to me these moon boots can be the next thing!
A few years ago, when I first wore these, someone gave me the ambiguous remark: “Oh, I just love your shoes. I like it when someone doesn’t care about how it looks!” Wonderful! Afterwards I had a laugh about it. I don’t think I’ll ever forget that. At first I also didn’t quite get the remark, because I felt very confident in them. They feel like clouds on my feet and are the best in keeping my feet warm. Thanks to them being colossal I have this astronauts walk when I wear them and make me feel petite. I feel like when I was a little girl and tried to wear my father’s big rain boots to play in the garden. I find it quite the experience. Also, I love the contrast when wearing a tailored coat or a feminine skirt or dress. The first picture shows the way I like to wear them best! Because it was my intention to do a different shoot with the ankle boots I only have a single picture of these, but it says it all. Whenever I feel like it or when it’s less appropriate I switch back to my ankle boots, which gives it a whole different look!
P.s. A tip for days even colder: Wear a plain, black or dark blue skinny jeans, with thermo tights underneath when wearing moon boots.


Pictures by: Gert meijer

Snow boots: Moon Boot

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  1. Richt

    you look stunning! Love your hair. The moonboots look good 2. Same problem here.

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