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Nail polish is more popular than ever. It’s no wonder because the quality nowadays is much better than it used to be, especially so with Gellac. I just can´t get enough of the broad range of colors there are at the moment. For every occasion there is a color. For the women who don’t like this, dont worry, there are other options that are quite beautiful.

Next to all those lovely bright colors this season, I saw some naked nails passing by. The pictures show my favorite natural option that I have at the moment. To me it’s kicking the habit from using all those beautiful colors. Above all I still prefer a natural look. Its easy and a layer of clear glossy polish is all you need, to let your nails look properly taken care of. So.. It’s easy and looks neat? The anwser is, yes!
Pink Gellac has a new product that is perfect for this so let’s get testing… It’s the new base plus. I have used this product for almost two months now. It´s officially meant to use as a base coat underneath a color, but I like to use it for this look. This product has a lot of similarities with a nail strengthener you can get at a nail salon. Only now you can do it yourself, at home! Unlike the gel layer you can get at the salon, you don’t have to mix a powder with a liquid supplement to get the right thickness. This product is ready to apply from the start. Next to that it looks more natural because you can apply this product thinner and more precise.
I had the fortune to have my nails grown on the length I wanted them to be without breaking. Even if one of my nails is a bit damaged with a small tear in it. Cutting my nails wasn’t neccesary, because this product is very handy at repairing for example small tears. The base coat is, when you use it without color, also easy to touch up when there is outgrowth. It stays on my nails perfectly for almost three weeks.
The ONLY Thing I did not like was the packing of the product, because it leaks from under the lid. I think that problem will be solved soon. All in all well done Pink Beauty Club you have launched a great product again!

For this result I used 2 layers of Base Plus and 2 layers of Top Coat.
After I did that I refreshed my natural white tip by coloring the nail tip on the bottom with a white nail pencil. Just look at the result. I love the rich layer of gloss on my natural nails.
Tip for the Base Plus: Let the layers harden under the uv-lamp for 3 minutes instead of 2. When I did 2 minutes, I lost a bit of the shine when cleaning afterwards.
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