Silver Outlined

This fall I rediscovered white, with golden or bordeaux accents.
This nail polish is fitting right in that picture! I fell in love with this beautiful deep bordeaux red colour from Pink Gellac. I can look all day at the high shiny polish my fingernails now have. I can’t get enough of it.
I had to get used to the way the colour works. Its quite different from applying the french manicure from this brand. When I applied the first layer, the colour was shrinking a bit, don’t worry though. When applying it very carefully, it will be fine when you apply the next layer. I like simplicity, that’s why I chose to do a simple nail art by just combining colours that I like in a very simple way.
After using the colour I discovered that the coloured nail polish will last longer than the french manicure. A tip for lasting longer with the Gellac, is to use rubber handgloves when you are cleaning or doing the dishes, to make sure the polish won’t be damaged. 
I don’t think it’s neccesary to tell you how I did my nails. I wrote an article about how to use Pink Gellac before so you can look that up if you’re interested. 
This artwork is very simple to do and my pictures will tell you how.
Look and enjoy!
Things you need:
How to:

The result:
pictures by: Jelmer Steenhuis
Silver polish: Pink Gellac Collor 129 Faboulous Silver

Red polish: Pink Gellac Collor 111 Rustic Red  

You can buy the beautiful colors of nail polish and more high quality nail products from Pink Gellac here:

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