Holiday Special: Big bouncing waves

DSC_0301 DSC_0193Big bouncing waves, start at bedtime. This time without the sleepless nights or disappointing results. Yes, it can really be done! A lot of people say I am blessed with my curls. Well I can’t say that I would be happy having totally straght hair, but My hair can be a real pain to style. My curls are so fluffy that I can’t even comb it through with a brush, unless it’s just washed, treated with conditioner and is still wet. Since washing your hair everyday, straightening, curling or blowing it dry with heat is bad for the condition of your hair, I don’t do any of those. I also don’t like to walk around with a curl explosion like I used to do. That’s why I started rolling in my hair. At first I rolled my hair in with ordinary rollers before I went to sleep, so it could dry naturally overnight. The ordinary rollers are to hard to sleep with though. When I used those I rolled my hair in the middle of my head with the rollers, so I could sleep on both sides. My hair was cropped together and would not dry well because of it. The result was not what I really desired.


DSC_0307Then I found soft rollers that you can actually sleep on. These rollers are perfect because of the spongy structure. Now I can spread all my hair over more rollers. This way it will dry better It´s something that I do one or two times a week, depending on how greasy my hair is. When you use the rollers before bedtime, you wake up with perfect bouncy hair. Even though I have curls of my own, the curls I get from the rollers stay in for a full week. When it gets moist from the air outside (foggy weather) it tends to lose the effect sooner. That’s also the reason why I always carry something to cover my hair with in my bag. Most often something like a scarf. If you have straight hair you will need to use foam before rolling it in and a good quality hair spray for when you just rolled out, to keep the curls in for longer than 2 hours.

The result of these pictures are after 3 days. Keep in mind that the result always depends on your natural hair structure. I used the larger size (4,2) rollers because I have a lot of curls of my own and I wanted to create a more refine look. If you have straight hair I recommend you choose the smaller size rollers. On the pictures I used the rollers on my dry hair to show you how. This will show you how I roll them in to have the result I like the most. I do it before I go to sleep. First wash your hair and make it towel dry. Then comb it through.

DSC_0171 (3)Make three somewhat similar parts of your hair, one in the middle and two on the sides.


DSC_0154 (2)Roll the middle part in first.


DSC_0122 (3) DSC_0120 I always roll the hair in the middle backwards. On the sides I place the roler under the hair and roll it in downwards. Fix every roller with a hair pin. You get these with the rollers. Tip: The wavy side is the bottom of the pin. It’s specially designed for more grip. Make sure you insert it the right way. Comb every lock of hair again before rolling it in.


When you rolled in all your hair it looks a bit funny, like this. The next part requires your full attention. Go sleep!…


DSC_0179 (2) DSC_0219…When you take the rollers out, just shake your hair with your fingers and use a drop of oil in the ends of your hair. You have your result!


Have fun creating your own look!


Hair rollers: sleep-in rollers // here


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