Note to Self: “Over-Packing is Unnecessary.”

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Oh yes, I remember the days that I took my XL suitcase with me. When I was totally over-packed. To go home afterwards with more unused than used stuff. It’s a waste of time on your holiday to be moping around and not knowing what to wear. It’s hard for me not to be over-packed. I want to take my whole wardrobe with me, but when I do, I try to remember this post.
My golden rule for holiday packing is to just pack your favorites. By that I don’t mean the statement pieces you would love to wear for that one opportunity. No, just the pieces that you may think are boring because you wore them so much. You didn’t wear them so much for no reason. These are the key pieces to your own working formula so start embracing them. When I go on my holiday this summer this outfit is one of the sets I’m sure to take with me. (Some careless shoes, my casual ripped white shorts and a silk black blouse and a basic hemp underneath. Don’t forget to bring a careless bag in a usable size that you can wear on your back or across the body.) Next to this set I bring some basic tops, a dress, my thousand ways scarf, a jacket or sweater, an extra shorts and long pants,a pair of heels and a pair of walking shoes and my ballet flats with me. I also bring some sunglasses and one piece of jewelry. My bikini is essential, as well the ordinary everyday stuff like underwear, socks, something to sleep in and personal care products. I take some laundry soap with me in a travel sized bottle, so I can do a hand wash when I really have too. Lastly I pack my small sewing kit for emergencies. This is everything you need for a basic vacation. Remember, you need one clean top for everyday nothing more and nothing less. You can wear pants more than once. All the items together make at least five complete sets. To sum it up: The set from this post, a set with the other shorts, a set with the dress, a set with the long pants and a set with the thousand ways scarf.
By mixing all the pieces I got my options are more diverse enough for one to two weeks. Some Gellac on the nails (so you don’t have to take that with you either) just before leaving and a lash refill and I’m ready to go.

Just do it. You won’t regret it and especially not when you realize you have some extra space in your suitcase to bring back home any new finds. Is packing you suitcase also hard for you?

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